Home – Sweet home

If you walked down slopping street Truong Cong Dinh, at the end of this street on your left, you will see a very beautiful villa surrounded by a garden with some cherry blossom tree, a few kind of flowers that I don’t know exactly their names, and like any house in Dalat there was a paper-flower trellis at our front gate, added some pomegranates were swaying lightly in the wind above an oval pretty balcony to welcome you. That’s my house – the sweetest place that I ever lived in my life. (Oop! I need to tell you that you only can see this beautiful villa if you visited Dalat before 2003)
Although we have left this house around 8 years ago, and the new owner has built a big hotel there. This means our house disappeared without any trace. But this house always appeared in my dream whenever I had a dream, Feel strange about our new house which we are living now never appeared in my dream so far. That’s right when people said where you were born and grew up never fade in your mind even it didn’t existing anymore.


It’s really a hard pain when I saw the ruin of my house as they prepare everything to built a new one. Where is the garden where I often played hide and seek with my friends? where is the window of my room, where I often stood for hour watching people passed by? Where is the balcony?Where is the living room where my family often spent time together ….Everything disappeared just in a blink.

 Now, I still return back to Dalat once each year, still want to stand on the old land where my lovely house was, only to recall of the warmest moment that all member of my family were together…Then feel broken in my heart like the way how our house lost from part to part.

Home – Sweet home – 71 Truong Cong Dinh wil be in my mind forever


Mỗi năm tôi vẫn một lần trở về Dalat, vẫn muốn về đứng trên mảnh đất xưa, chỉ để hoài niệm về những tháng ngày đầm ấm của một thời, để rồi thấy lòng mình đau nhói cho những thăng trầm mất mát đã qua…


7 thoughts on “Home – Sweet home

  1. I remember my grandmother’s home like you. It is not there anymore and i will never ever forget the days that i lived there…

  2. I had a look at the painting you provided a link for above and it looks very interesting, but not at all like I was visualising from your blog post. The housing is way too close together for my liking.

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