Dalat – My hometown

We’ve just returned to Dalat to spend Tet holiday with my husband’s family. 4 days seem not enough for me to do what I really want to do when coming back to my sweet hometown. But feel very relax when being there, not because I can have more time for resting but because I can feel the familiar atmosphere, I can walk on the roads which reminded me about each memory that I had with family, sister, and friends from my childhood. I love the feeling of familiar.
My daughter said that she can feel the smell of Dalat (Mùi Dalat, that exactly the word she used).I don’t know exactly what she meant about the smell of Dalat but I guessed it’s the same feeling that I got around 8 years ago when I returned to Dalat to look after my grandfather, I often  woke up early in the morning to prepare breakfast for him and my daughter, One day at a very early morning I got out of home to walk along the streets, felt the cold of the morning, felt the mild breeze grazed on my hair. Got a strange feeling of smelling some aroma in the air which’s very difficult to describe. It’s awesome and amazing feeling that I ever had. I think it’s exactly called the smell of Dalat. I often come back to Dalat one time each year and whenever the bus reach the beginning of Prenn mountain pass, I immediately feel a fresh air, feel the familiar in the air. That feeling may come from my love to my hometown, I think.
Nowaday Dalat becomes cleaner and more beautiful at first sight. When the bus reach the end of the Prenn mountain pass, a beautiful view opened to my eyes, Wow! Ho Tung Mau street have a very beautiful view with the row of mimoza and cherry blossom tree along the street to welcome the tourists. But shocked me when getting into the centre of the City, Hoa Binh area, specially Phan Boi Chau street, lots of new building sprang up like mushroom there. Generally this area look like a warehouse that contained a lot cupboard, fridge, furniture… which were arranged in utter disorder.
Luckily there’s still some roads maintain specific characteristic of Dalat by the image of villa including paper flower trellis at the front gate like Pasteur, Le  Hong Phong and Tran Phu street. I only found out the beauty of Pasteur street when I was on the bus to leave Dalat, that made me have a wish to come back to Dalat soon for photographing this beautiful view for showing these to all of my friends who are staying far away from Dalat now.
I got a morning to ride to Nguyen Du street, this was the street of villas at Dalat but sadly that most of villas here were left fallow, hearing that the government sold this area to a hotel group
Hm…I am wondering about How Dalat look like in 10 years later if the government still prefer selling than developing

8 thoughts on “Dalat – My hometown

  1. I loved Da Lat. It was far more beautiful than I expected and reminded me of a combination of Daylesford & Ballarat in Victoria, and parts of Tasmania. It was just a little cold for me to want to live their permanently, though.The train trip was really worthwhile. Have you done that?

  2. Oh! I’m very happy to know that you loved Dalat, S. Remember I’ve told you about some of your photos of Tasmania look like some landscape in Dalat, and also reminded me of Dalat when I saw those photos?Yep, I have done the train trip already, and also have some photos in it ;-). Wow, I can’t wait to hear you tell about your trip to Dalat, and waiting to see your photos too, surely you have a lots beautiful shot there, right?

  3. I think I have some beautiful photos. At least, I hope so. It will take time for me to get them ready to post, though.

  4. Chi Tine, Cindy dung khi noi ve "mui" Dalat do chi. "Mui" do dac biet lam va chi co nguoi Dalat moi cam nhan duoc thoi. Rat la! Rat Dalat! Em thich day som, nhat la nhung ngay gan Noel de cam nhan va hit tho "mui" nay. Hihihi, dung la khi dien ta chi ha!

  5. Quyen, it really sounds nice to hear about this your hometown, Dalat. I hope it is as good as you have made me to believe because am really impressed with your write up and your love for your hometown… lol

  6. I was hoping there would be some photos to go with your quite detailed description. Like Steve, I can’t handle the idea of living where it is really cold. I hope you aren’t too disappointed when you see your hometown in 10 years time.

    Where I grew up, there were farms nearby and plenty of vacant land. Gradually all of this land was built on. A small school was built across the road from my parent’s house, but it was still quite like living in the country. When I drove through a couple of years ago the school is now surrounded by a high security fence and looks more like a prison than an enjoyable place to go and learn. The farms are long gone and there’s now and extensive shopping centre and house as far as you can see in every direction. I hated it!

    By comparison to this, I used to work in suburb called Port Melbourne. When I worked there is was all ugly looking factories and equally ugly office space. Now, years later, it has been redeveloped into a Yuppie’s play area.

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