Dalat – My hometown

We’ve just returned to Dalat to spend Tet holiday with my husband’s family. 4 days seem not enough for me to do what I really want to do when coming back to my sweet hometown. But feel very relax when being there, not because I can have more time for resting but because I can feel the familiar atmosphere, I can walk on the roads which reminded me about each memory that I had with family, sister, and friends from my childhood. I love the feeling of familiar.
My daughter said that she can feel the smell of Dalat (Mùi Dalat, that exactly the word she used).I don’t know exactly what she meant about the smell of Dalat but I guessed it’s the same feeling that I got around 8 years ago when I returned to Dalat to look after my grandfather, I often  woke up early in the morning to prepare breakfast for him and my daughter, One day at a very early morning I got out of home to walk along the streets, felt the cold of the morning, felt the mild breeze grazed on my hair. Got a strange feeling of smelling some aroma in the air which’s very difficult to describe. It’s awesome and amazing feeling that I ever had. I think it’s exactly called the smell of Dalat. I often come back to Dalat one time each year and whenever the bus reach the beginning of Prenn mountain pass, I immediately feel a fresh air, feel the familiar in the air. That feeling may come from my love to my hometown, I think.
Nowaday Dalat becomes cleaner and more beautiful at first sight. When the bus reach the end of the Prenn mountain pass, a beautiful view opened to my eyes, Wow! Ho Tung Mau street have a very beautiful view with the row of mimoza and cherry blossom tree along the street to welcome the tourists. But shocked me when getting into the centre of the City, Hoa Binh area, specially Phan Boi Chau street, lots of new building sprang up like mushroom there. Generally this area look like a warehouse that contained a lot cupboard, fridge, furniture… which were arranged in utter disorder.
Luckily there’s still some roads maintain specific characteristic of Dalat by the image of villa including paper flower trellis at the front gate like Pasteur, Le  Hong Phong and Tran Phu street. I only found out the beauty of Pasteur street when I was on the bus to leave Dalat, that made me have a wish to come back to Dalat soon for photographing this beautiful view for showing these to all of my friends who are staying far away from Dalat now.
I got a morning to ride to Nguyen Du street, this was the street of villas at Dalat but sadly that most of villas here were left fallow, hearing that the government sold this area to a hotel group
Hm…I am wondering about How Dalat look like in 10 years later if the government still prefer selling than developing

Home – Sweet home

If you walked down slopping street Truong Cong Dinh, at the end of this street on your left, you will see a very beautiful villa surrounded by a garden with some cherry blossom tree, a few kind of flowers that I don’t know exactly their names, and like any house in Dalat there was a paper-flower trellis at our front gate, added some pomegranates were swaying lightly in the wind above an oval pretty balcony to welcome you. That’s my house – the sweetest place that I ever lived in my life. (Oop! I need to tell you that you only can see this beautiful villa if you visited Dalat before 2003)
Although we have left this house around 8 years ago, and the new owner has built a big hotel there. This means our house disappeared without any trace. But this house always appeared in my dream whenever I had a dream, Feel strange about our new house which we are living now never appeared in my dream so far. That’s right when people said where you were born and grew up never fade in your mind even it didn’t existing anymore.


It’s really a hard pain when I saw the ruin of my house as they prepare everything to built a new one. Where is the garden where I often played hide and seek with my friends? where is the window of my room, where I often stood for hour watching people passed by? Where is the balcony?Where is the living room where my family often spent time together ….Everything disappeared just in a blink.

 Now, I still return back to Dalat once each year, still want to stand on the old land where my lovely house was, only to recall of the warmest moment that all member of my family were together…Then feel broken in my heart like the way how our house lost from part to part.

Home – Sweet home – 71 Truong Cong Dinh wil be in my mind forever


Mỗi năm tôi vẫn một lần trở về Dalat, vẫn muốn về đứng trên mảnh đất xưa, chỉ để hoài niệm về những tháng ngày đầm ấm của một thời, để rồi thấy lòng mình đau nhói cho những thăng trầm mất mát đã qua…