Awaken Passion

*Note: This is a writing that I posted long time ago in Vietnamese with the title “Đánh thức đam mê”, today I would like to rewriting in English. Just for fun, just for my followers who can’t read Vietnamese and just for me to live back one more time with my passion 😉


Life with full of anxieties and responsibilities seems to wipe all my youth dreams and passionate. Sometimes when staying alone I often wonder to myself what is my presently passionate. Please with my own current life, together with hubby and my 2 angels,all the dreams, the passionate of the past seem to have been folded and hid into a certain corner. Then I, myself even forgot where I hid them.

Came across the show “Dancing with the Star”, the “You’re my everything” performed by Minh Hang gave me a feeling like there’s something have just been awakened inside me. I saw myself was performing on the stage, was immersed in the melody of the song, forgot myself just for the role of the performances. That’s exactly the feeling I once had each time I stepped on to the stage when I was a young girl, the time when I, a naive little girl dreaming to become a ballet dancer in the future. Right now all that feelings return very true inside me.

And I realized that I had once loved the limelight so much, I miss the feeling of happiness as being incarnation in each character, I miss the music, I miss my audience, I miss ….

Thank you for a fortuitous evening show, thank you all that gave me chance to live back in a few moment with the passion which I already forgotten of my youth bygone.


Here is the Vietnamese version



2 thoughts on “Awaken Passion

  1. So sad when a youngster finds something they are totally passionate about, and then due to lack of support from their family or other outside influences, they must adjust their priorities and forfeit their passion forever!

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