Just wanted to do something for my day.

Mar.19th of 41 years ago, we was welcome to this life. My mom ought to suffer the extremely pains for bringing my sister and I into this world. Of course this date will be called “our birthday”. Former I used to think my birhtday is my own day, then when I gave birth my eldest daughter, I learned that my daughter’s birthday is also my birthday in some particular meaning, the day that was marked “unforgetable” because it’s the date I first announced to the world that I am starting to be called “Mom”. The day I went through a lots  tone of emotion for finally burst into tears with happiness for  first time hearing my daughter’s burst out crying. My mom definitely also spent such all emotions on the date I first come into her life.

Today is my birthday and  I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to my mom.

Dear Mom, thank you for each difficulty you suffered in 9months to carry us in your womb, for each pain you suffered to delivery us into this life, for tiredness but happy to take care of us since we were baby till adult, for supporting sometimes when we was very down, for cheering us on each happiness as well as each sorrow moment…thank you for all you did and do for us, Mom. All I want to say is I love you.

PS: Especially dedicate to my mom