Ebook or Real book?

(Inspired by anh Lộc’s idea. So this short writing is dedicated to anh Lộc&Bu)

Nowaday people start to read book on digital equipment like iPhone, iPad or Kindle, and I tried it since I had iPhone. It’s really convenience when you only bring a tiny stuff and can read everywhere, At first I like it but then I realize that the feeling of holding an iPhone on hand is not as the same feeling as holding the real book, turn over each page, feeling the paper on your hand, and smelling the new paper…

I don’t know if I am a bookholic but just known that I like to read (and some of my friends said that I also love to write), this may explained why I have a small bookshelf in my room at each house I move in. Today I decide to turn back to my bookshelf, and here I found out there are some books that I collected since I was very young, around 14,15 years old.  I got a habit of collecting books, when I read a book and I like it I will try to save money to buy it so I can keep it for long on my shelf, and read it again whenever I want. I often read them again and again, some book I have read 4 or 5 times, and still feeling wonderful like reading the first time. They may not a famous or literary works but they are my favourite.

Whoa! Surprise! surprise! I found out a handwritten book on my shelf, seeing it that sent me back to my childhood phase. Around 25 years ago book is so expensive and as the age of around 15, 16 we didn’t have much money for buying book so I choose the way of borrow books then handwritten them. Unbelievable! How can I diligent and patience like this! I even also decorated it by some picture.





In these days everybody talk a lot about the world will end on Dec.21st. And I often hear people ask each other this question: “what will you do if the world end tomorrow?”

I wonder why you only think about what you will do if the world end, you live each day to make your life better so you already know what you should do to reach your purpose, you should live and do everything like tomorrow the world will end so then you won’t have to be regret.

Ok, my answer for your question – I will live like any normal day. I only scare if I died and leave my kids alone in this hell on earth, I don’t want they live here without me, greedy but yep, can’t without me, so if the world end, we can leave here together.