Teaching my daughter through a funny game.

My sister shows a toy to my daughter, she loves it and wanna have it immediately, but we need time to ship it here from USA. And I have and idea to take this chance to teach my 3 year old daughter about the value of having a reward.

I draw a picture of 10 plain flowers, then told her that each flower will represent for one day, if she is good have no mistake and noone in family complain about her she can color one flower and that flower will be called "red flower". But if her behavior is not good, the flower for that day will be colored in yellow, if the yellow flower is more than red flower she won't recieve a reward, vice versa if she earns more red flower the reward will be a toy that my sister showed her.


 But it's on theory, practically it's hard for me to give her a yellow flower. When I said I think I may give you yellow flower for today, her eyes moistened with tears then starting "i'm sorry mom, please don't give me yellow flower", sometimes she cries until I said "ok dear, I will only color one petal with yellow". So finally I decided one petal in yellow if she was a bit spoiled. Sometimes I let her colored the flower by herself and she said that she will colored it red, she thinks she deserve it for that day because she's obedient


Finally all flowers was colored and only one petal in yellow. And the toy comes here right on time for the reward. We had fun every night by choosing the colour to color the flowers and she learned the lesson about having a reward.