Thought on Birthday

Today I turn 40, Wow! very old, to be honest I never thought I am at this age, whenever someone asked me how old am I, I often said I was born on 1972, because I really can’t specify how old am I quickly to tell them.

40 – it’s middle-aged, and I confuse some what I will be in middle-aged. More mature, more calm and maybe so quiet. Yep, so quiet is exactly. I can feel that recently, I became so quiet and calm lately, I seem prefer to stay silent and listen to others than like to speak. I also realized that I acknowledged facts so calm, take time to think carefully before giving any opinion. Yes, I am getting older, and to be honest such as everybody I scared old-age, not because of getting more wrinkle but less healthy and because of thinking of my kids, they still too young, my eldest is 10 and the other is 3, I wished I can stay healthy to look after them until they grown up enough to look after well to themselves.

Today my eldest daughter gave me a special birthday card that she made by herself for me. It’s warm my heart with her thoughtful gift. She prefer to make greeting card for me since she started kindergarten and I still love to receive cards from her even I collected a lots from her for many occasion.



I am old and I no longer think much about my birthday like when I was young but honestly I still feel very happy when receiving a birthday greeting from my friends, I always feel happy when I received a greeting from my friends, especialy from my  old friends, from primary school and high school who still remember my day. This birthday I have a lots greeting from friends that made me busy the whole day to send back a thank you, and so wonderful I even started received a greeting at 1AM. Thank you all of my friends for remembering and sending a warm, sweet and funny greeting. You all made my day.



It’s nearly a year ago when I have this book “Moms know best” as a gift for my birthday. My friend who gave me this book said that I should tell him what I feel or any thought after finishing this book, but to be honest I almost forget to tell him until now. This writing may be a report for his suggestion 😉


If you’re searching for romantic novel or a wonderful book it definitely not satisfy your expectation. But it’s really a useful book for each women who was a mom or going to be mom. Most of stories in this book was the memories of mom and daughter/son about the unforgettable moments then this priceless moment once again happen with this daughter/son to their kids. They are also a valuable experience in family life. These moments seem happen like a circle in our life. Nevertheless there’s something that I haven’t ever thought and known yet until I read this book, therefore I assumed that some of you might not ever thought of it such as me.

We used to ignore the moment that we think it’s normal in life but it really a priceless moment that never come twice in your life, when you realized its value once it passed and never returned, too late to regret at that moment.

Here is some lesson that I’ve learned from this book, just wanted to share with you.

1.Have you ever accepted to join a game with your child? or you said “no, I am very busy and I am too old to play this, sweetie”. To be honest I was awaken when reading this short story “Mailbox” and “Making memories”. I sometime refused to join the game with my 3 years old daughter by a very reasonable reason “busy, need to work, another time, baby”…even I myself do know that here is the time she need me the most, and I shouldn’t let it pass because I won’t be ever to make it happen again. But sometimes hard working and the difficulties in life nowaday make me tired and forget this important thing. I didn’t know a letter from mom in the game ” Mailbox” can be cute like that,  and the daughter till kept this memory in long time. maybe one day I will play this game with my daughter. Now I learned that when I joined and play together with my kids I was making memories for both, mom and daughter.

Who know, 20 years later, when playing with her kids my daughter may remember what we did today as a very sweet memories in her life and she learn she should make memories like this way with her kids 😉

2.”When a kid is in trouble, close your mouth, open your arms” . This is the biggest lesson I’ve learned here. “We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak” (Epictetus). This story is about a mom got angry when her 4 years old daughter broke the three-generations-lamp, and she stopped in mid-sentence and held out her arms when she remembered about “close mouth and open arms”. Holding her daughter and felt awful for scaring her and for letting her think even that lamp was more valuable to her than her daughter. This story enlightened me the most because sometimes I couldn’t keep calm enough when my kids make mistake. It taught me that it’s better to hold my tongue than to try to retract words spoken in anger, fear, disappointment or frustration. Not only with kids also to everyone.

3.”Small children disturb your sleep, big children your life” – (Yiddish Proverb). That’s true, almost parents experience this and understand it clear, just hope adults can learn and understand this deeply.

4.When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts. A mother always has to think twice, once for herself and once for her child.

There’re a lots thing that kept me reading this book everynight before sleeping but if you want to know you should read and find out by yourself 🙂

PS: In this short writing I would like to thank Steve for your thoughtful birthday gift.