Moments that never happen twice in life.


Each of us have some happiness moments in life that’s unforgettable. One of my happiness moments is the moment of returning home after work. When I park my bike in front of the gate, I immediately hear the shout of happily “Mommy!Mommy!” from my kids, then rushing them out of the gate only  for climbing on my bike then I ride into the front yard with them together with me on my bike.

I’m well aware that these moments will elapse soon once they grow old. It’s natural laws that is inevitable. When getting older, kids prefer to spend time with friends than with mom like they need when they were a baby.

My eldest daughter is 10 years old now. She still loves to spend time with me, still wants to sleep together with mom, still wants to be holding by mom but beside these she starts preferring to spend time go out playing with her friends on holiday than with parents. Yesterday we went out together and she wants me to take her photos.


God! she grows up so quick! I missed the time when she started her first step, when she learned her first word….that’s really a precious moments in my life.

Fortunately I have a second daughter who is 3 years old, people said that this is the nicest age of human. That’s right! She’s so lovely. Sometimes she hold me and whisper into my ears :”Mommy, I like you very much” this is her way to express her love to me, she prefer the word “Like” than ” Love”, It’s so unique, only she uses this to show how much she loves me 🙂


Dear mom on the world, the most important thing you shouldn’t miss in your life once you have kids is observe how they grow up day by day. Try all your best to spend as much time as you can with your kids, don’t miss any moments because they are very lovely, awesome and very amazing and only happen once in life you can’t see, can’t feel again.