The Last Supper

Here is the story about how Leonardo Da Vinci painted “The Last Supper” that I have heard from the Father in Mass of my daughter’s first communion. I would like to share with all my friends, it’s really a story for us to look back how we were living.


The story is told that Leonardo Da Vinci painted ” The Last Supper” when living in Milan. Before he could paint the thirteen figures, it was necessary to find the models for each character in the painting. Each model had to have the face that expressed Da Vinci’s vision of the particular man he would represent.

One Sunday, as Da Vinci was at the Catherial for Mass, he saw a young man in the choir who looked like Da Vinci’s idea of how Jesus must have looked. He had the feature of love, tenderness, caring, innocence and kindness. Then this young man, Pietri Bandinelli, was arranged to sit as the model for the Lord.

Years went by, and the painting was still not complete. Da Vinci couldn’t find just the right face for Judas Iscariot. He was looking for the man whose face was streaked with despair, wickedness, greed and sin. Once day Da Vinci noticed the man in the street of Rome, his face wore all the qualities of Judas for which he has been searching. When sitting as a model for Judas in the studio, the man began to look around as if recalling of years gone by. Finally he turned and with a look half-sad, yet how hard it was to realize the change that had taken place, he said:” I was in this studio 25 years ago, I, then sat for Christ” 

No matter this story true or false, but from this we have lots of thing to think about. Each of us was born in the face of Lord, and it’s really difficult to keep this till the end of our life. Something happened in life made us to be weak and I think this story can warn us for being brave in any situation to keep our solve against any temptation we meet everyday in such complicated life.