Priceless gift

This morning when I took my eldest daughter to shcool, at the front gate while I stopped to get her some  breakfast, she disappeared for awhile then backed with her sadness face, she told me that she asked the seller about the price for a rose a couple day ago then saved money to buy it for me on international women’s day, but today they increased the price so she doesn’t have enough money. Oh! honey! you are so sweet! You made my tears fall. I didn’t think you can think and do that for me. And do you know this is a priceless gift to me!

Finally she decided to buy an artificial flower that match her saving money and gave it to me with her sweet kisses. This is really a sweetest and priceless gifts I ever have in my life.Thanks Cindy my lovely daughter. You suprised me and made my day.

Here below is the roses together with the picture which Cindy draw with the message “Thanks Mom” when she was younger, around 6 years old.



6 thoughts on “Priceless gift

  1. This is a very sweet thing I wish I can experience one day. Its very touching post, Christine. By the way, why did she draw the question mark ?

  2. @Anita: She was 6 at that time, and she like to drew what she’s just learned at school ;-)@Steve: Thanks S.

  3. chi Tine oi, that is so cute and touchy. That la hanh phuc co 1 co con gai nho tuoi ma da co hieu va rat yeu me. (Nhung hong hieu sao noi la "cam on me" roi lai them dau cham hoi ? la sao???). Mung SN chi Tine duyen dang cua em nha. Chuc chi that hanh phuc voi 2 co con gai xinh dep va anh chong ngoan nhat nha (ngoan nhat nha ai thi chi biet roi! !).Em viet on your FB Wall nhung khong hieu sao no return la your security setting don’t allow me to write on your wall! How sad, am I being restricted from your FB???? No way! Oxit chi ra hong choi nua bay gio. Mau mau correct your setting di.

  4. and just think – the artificial flower only needs dusting to keep looking lovely. It will be a physical reminder for much longer than if it were a live flower.

    Congrats on bringing up such a caring and thoughtful daughter!

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