Rock Climbing

Today my daughter – Cindy has a new experience –  Rock Climbing. I like to let her free to try most of wonderful things in life







What kids really need

Since I was being mom so far I always try to spend more time with my kids. I understand that even you can take good care of your kids, you can give them a good life, lots of things they need, but spending time together is the most important thing.

In the past when my working time finished at 5pm and my daughter’s school time stoped at 4pm, I and my hubby couldn’t pick her up at school, she often come home with her teacher, she didn’t tell me anything about this at that time, but this year my hubby can stop working at early time and he picked her up everyday, I picked her one or two a week, she was deeply happy as telling me “Mom,In the last 3 years I was very sad as seeing my classmate was picked up by their parents every afternoon, but I had to come home with my teacher, I wished mom and dad can pick me, and now my wish come true”….It break my heart as hearing that from her.

This is a pix I took from a rarely time I could pick her up at school, she looked very happy as seeing me waiting for her at the front gate. I never forgot her happy face that day.


Recently I have to work late from Tues to Sat a week to substitute for my colleague as she’s tired because of pregnant. It’s really a hard pain for me cause that means I have to shorten my time together with my kids.

Social development and the need for life increase so we need to work hard for bringing a best life for our family, although all of us – the mom really want to spend more time with our kids in time when they still need us, but ( I hate to add but) we wish a lots but do not always get. Now just hope my kids can understand how much I love them and how much I want to be with them more and more time.



Priceless gift

This morning when I took my eldest daughter to shcool, at the front gate while I stopped to get her some  breakfast, she disappeared for awhile then backed with her sadness face, she told me that she asked the seller about the price for a rose a couple day ago then saved money to buy it for me on international women’s day, but today they increased the price so she doesn’t have enough money. Oh! honey! you are so sweet! You made my tears fall. I didn’t think you can think and do that for me. And do you know this is a priceless gift to me!

Finally she decided to buy an artificial flower that match her saving money and gave it to me with her sweet kisses. This is really a sweetest and priceless gifts I ever have in my life.Thanks Cindy my lovely daughter. You suprised me and made my day.

Here below is the roses together with the picture which Cindy draw with the message “Thanks Mom” when she was younger, around 6 years old.