Stealing by pretending to knock against your bike

Last night while I was trying to find the parking lot at the market where were crowded at that moment, two fat women walk around my bike, seem trying to stuck my bike, I realized that something strange but didn’t have enough time to understand what they wanted to do, they seperated and each of them walk on each side of mine, one in my left suddently blocked my bike and said that I stepped on her foot, bent down and I realized I did nothing, but too late the women on my right side stole my bag while I left my attention on the women on my left side, and they disappeared so quick.

I was feeling so stupid because it happened to me the same situation 3 years ago, at that time I lost my cellphone. But even had experience didn’t help me this time.

This morning there is an article on Vnexpress about the same story as mine, but that’s a group of robber, around 12 rode on street and knocked against your bike, they might attack you to keep your attention while their accomplies stole your things. Oh, I was lucky as they didn’t attack me.

I write my experience so most of my friends who are reading this post can know this and be careful while being out, especially this time when we are shopping for Tet holiday.




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