These are some of my experiences in my life


1. Keep your dream in your pocket, and don’t let it fade away


Whether less or more everyone among us have at least a dream, some can make it comes true, some don’t have this ability. I’m in the second group.


I started to join the performance when I was around 6, in almost 9 years in primary school I'm  often chosen to be a soloist in many dancing item every year, I realized that I love the light of the stage, I love the rhythm of the music and I know I love to become a ballet dancer.  I attended a ballet course and then joined one of the band in my hometown and we had a tour in that summer. My parents appreciated whenever they watched our performance, when I told them I would like to become a professional dancer, my dad told me" you can join the band you can dance but only like an amateur dancer, I don't like you become professional". In reply to my query he continued " The sentiment life of the artist is very complicated and I really don't want you live in such complicated life". Sadly I was not a strong girl at that time, I still love ballet but I didn't know to struggle for my dream, and I let my dream faded away. My dream was in my pocket and no opportunity to come out L


Learn from myself, so now I always encourage my daughter to know how to nurture her dreams.

It’s right to say:

“If you follow your dream to the end of the road,

Taking care not to let it fade away

If you follow your dream and you follow it well,

It will lead you to the promise of a bright, shiny day.”


2. Never say: “No, I can’t do that”


Because if you patience and persistence, you can do everything.


I was born in Dalat and I lived there most of my life. Once I traveled to Saigon with my family, I thought that I won't be able to ride in such traffic, I won't never remember the direction here….lots of things let me thought I won't be able to live here at that time.


When I was 23 I decided to move to Saigon to find a job. Then I have to try to survive here, I try my best to be suitable with the rhythm of the life here. After a week to arrange my life here I start exploring Saigon by myself on my bicycle, I thought that on the bicycle I will feel safer than on the bike, but I was wrong, I scared a lot while on the bicycle to pass the roundabout, other cars, bikes seem wanted to hit me. The day after I decided to borrow my dad's bike, took a map and started going into "the battle."


I remembered I was very very nervous while on the bike.Eyes always looked straight, don't dare to look around, mouth quietly counting the number of crossroad which I pass by, because I didn't realize the familiar of the crossroad.

There was also an accident, I fell off the bike and laid unconscious. My dad took me back home from hospital with my bruise eyes and many injuries. My mom said that:" Please stop riding alone". But I said if I can't ride by myself, it look like I have no feet, I don't want to depend on other people whenever I wanted to go out. So after get well enough I continued to ride alone again.


Yeah, at first I thought I won't be able to do that but finally I could. Nothing you can not do if you have determination and persistantly.